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The PSP matrix system is built in such a way that no member can have more than two persons directly attached to him/her. Any subsequent referrals made by such members are forced down to the legs of the other down line members. Any of such forced down members will continually follow the member to whom it is attached. By this, members grow easily within the system.

Resisting the opportunities that change brings is a tragic way to live. And the saddest way to die.


A mind once exposed to new idea never regains its original dimensions.


'Lucky breaks' are nothing more than unexpected rewards for intelligent choices we've chosen to make. Success doesn't just happen because someone's stars line up. Success, both in business and personality, is something that is consciously created. It is the guaranteed result of a deliberate series of acts that anyone can perform. It's funny how people want something for nothing. They dream of having it all but aren't willing to roll up their sleeves and put in the effort. They show up at a job and expect to be well paid without having to deliver the value that would justify them being well paid. Success is all yours, if you can!


Leaders are those individuals who do the things that failures aren't willing to do - even though they might not like doing them either. They have the discipline to do what they know is important and right. Success is all yours, if you can!


Embracing uncertainty is a precious gift. Most people get so scared the moment they face the unknown. Don't be! It's really nothing more than the beginning of a new adventure. Success is all yours, if you can!