These are the benefits you enjoy by being a member of PSP:

A. You are trained in various skill acquisition programmes. The organization has strong passion for youth empowerment. We have embarked on aggressive youth development scheme dedicated to stirring the entrepreneurial and leadership potentials of youths while equipping them with the relevant skills and values necessary for wealth creation and self reliance.

The following is a list of the areas you can be trained in:

The Skills we offer include the following:
1. Cosmetology :
Body Cream
Face Powder
Dusting Powder
Medicated Powder
Baby Jelly or Vaseline
Body Cream
Medicated Powder
Baby Jelly or Vaseline
After Shave Cream
Aftershave Solution
Shaving Powder
Pink Oil
Vera Gel
Hair Cream
Hair Relaxer
Hair Conditioner/Hair Food
Styling Gel
Liquid Air Freshener
Odour Neutralizer
Customized Perfume
Laundry Soap
Medicated Soap
Powdery Detergent
Liquid Detergent
Liquid Soap
Car Wash Solution
Dish Washing Solution
Tile Cleaner
Stain Remover
Nail Polish Remover
Toilet Cleaner Solution
Body Spray
Methylated Spirit
Shear Butter

2. Paint Technology & Production/ Allied Products :
Emulsion Paint
Texcote Paint
Solvent Borne Paint
Silk Paint/Oil Paint
Gloss Paint
The Colour Chemistry (Colour Type and Classes, Colour Separation, Mixture and Combination, Colour Identification Code and Peak Analysis)

3. Confectionery & Food Processing: Cake, Icing and Decoration
Juice and Food Drinks
Fish Roll
Meat Pie

4. Leather Works and Construction: Bags of all kinds
Shoes, Sandals, etc

5. Solar Engineering/Management: Solar Installation
Solar Building and Construction
Inverter Building and Construction
Inverter Building and Repairs
Cable Connection

6. Information and Communications Technology: Laptops and Phone Engineering/Repairs
Web Design/Site Building

7. Event Management and Decoration: Event Planning
Interior and Exterior Decoration

8. Make-Up Artistry: Face Make Up
Body Treatment
Face Therapy

9. Agro Allied: Poultry Farm Management
Fish Farm Management
Feed Production
Fingerlings and Livestock Production

10. Recharge Card Production: Software Application
Pin Production
Network Accessories
Recharge Card Printing

11. Fashion Design
12. Others
Auto Gele
Hand Fan

13. Music Beginner’s Class
Intermediate Class

B. You earn money through various bonuses.
C. You enjoy the luxury of owning and driving two brand new cars worth N8m (cash convertible).
D. You have health insurance cover under the health insurance scheme for a period of 10 years.
E. You get brand new Ipad, TV and phone worth N380,000 (cash convertible).
F. You fund your project or finance business worth N2m.
G. You enjoy community recognition by executing a project of your choice in your community fully paid for by PSP worth N3m.
H. You get scholarship funds worth N1.4m
I. You enjoy residual income for life – global profit share.
J. You attend executive leadership courses in prestigious institutions for further skill acquisition programmme.