Terms of Service


Thank you for visiting our website. If you want to use this website, you must agree to conform to and be legally bound by the terms described below.

By signing up for PSP membership, you agree to the following Terms stated herein:

The bank details of each account must correspond to the name of the person of the account owner with PSP.

This is the marketing cum compensation plan discussing the opportunities and benefits of the system.

- Members shall seek always to protect the reputation of the organization by not making or encouraging written or oral remarks or statements, which tend to discredit or disrepute the organization, its centres, agents or activities.
- Members shall be professionals in all acts and bearings, dealings or transactions and not making any false statements including but not limited to misrepresentation, exaggeration, disinformation, vain promises or circumventing the marketing plan of the organization.
- Members are strictly enjoined to be honest in all their dealings and deeds by not committing any acts inimical to the interest of the organization or fellow members. Respect and humility from member to member and member to organization is prime. Decency, good morals and fairness to fellow members are strictly encouraged. Anything contrary is a violation of the organization’s policies.

A member may extend his or her sponsoring activities to any part of the world as may be approved by the organization.

The business of the organization consists of the sharing of the business plan to prospective members. A person desiring to enter into the business of the organization has to register with a registration fee.

The material incentives such as cars, phones, etc are cash convertible. In other words, it is the account owner’s discretion to choose either cash or the material.

Every member is entitled to recruiting and sponsoring of other persons to join the business of the organization and shall be entitled to corresponding financial and material bonuses and privileges given by the organization.
- Resigned or terminated members shall not be entitled to the aforementioned bonuses and privileges.
- The rights and privileges that come with Identity Card issued by the organization cannot and shall not be transferred to another person or legal entity.

Members shall remain loyal to the organization and its policies and are not allowed to join any other multi level marketing directly competing with the services of Premium Success Pace Ltd.

Membership is a person, irrespective of creed, sex, religion or race, of at least 18 years of age, a legal entity, corporation or partnership whose application for membership has been duly approved and granted. Anyone who wishes to be a member must be capable of entering into contractual agreement in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Membership is subject to:
- The applicant must pay the stipulated entry fee.
- The applicant must fill and sign the Application Form or the Online Form.
- The applicant must have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the business.
- The accomplished form and registration shall signify the member’s acceptance of the Terms of Service of the business

Membership of the organization is for life unless terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.
- Involuntary termination is where a member is found to have violated the policies of the organization.
- Voluntary termination is where a member officially communicates his/her intention to withdraw from the activities of the organization.
In both cases, the member forfeits his/her rights and privileges to the organization.

Members are allowed to run and operate as many accounts as desired in his/her name provided that such accounts are operated distinctly and each meeting the conditions for each account.

This consists of the member’s organization which includes the entirety of the member’s down line members.

The organization shall be known and addressed as Premium Success Pace Ltd with the acronyms PSP.

There is no employer-employee relationship to members of the organization, save for those on the employ of the organization.

The organization shall not be responsible for any misrepresentation made by its members. No member has any right or authority to bind the organization to any obligation outside the financial and material bonuses and privileges stipulated by the organization.

This is strictly prohibited.

A sponsor is a member who introduces and registers another member into the system using his reference identity.

These shall include but not limited to training, communicating and updating of the sponsor’s direct down line members.

There are several ways to earn money. These are:
- Sponsoring Bonus: a certain amount of money that goes to the person who successfully introduces the business to another person and registers him/her to the organization.
- Pairing Bonus: a certain amount of money that goes to members for having two persons beneath him. This differs from stage to stage.
- Board Completion Bonus: a certain amount of money that goes to individual members for fulfilling the required number for that particular stage. This equally differs from stage to stage.
- Matching Bonus: a certain amount paid to an individual member when the person he/she sponsored completes a particular stage. This payments starts from when the member completes Stages 2 to 4.

Cash withdrawals attract a 5% charge. When duly withdrawn, the withdrawer should expert credit alert within 24 hours.

We reserve the right to change any of the terms, conditions or policies of the Site, at any time in our sole discretion. If we decide to change the Terms of Service, we will publish the new version on the Site. Any such changes will be effective upon publishing the revisions. Your continued use of the Site following publishing of any changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes.